Look out for ransomware

The Finnish Police, CERT-FI and F-Secure Corporation have collaborated to create this site in order to increase general awareness, provide advice about online crime and to prevent Internet crime-related damages.
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What is ransomware?

International criminal organizations have added online crimes to their means for gaining illegal financial profit. One recent method is to render a computer unusable by locking it with so-called ransomware.

Police-themed ransomware has been used in malware attacks for the past few years. Criminals employing this method send their victims messages that appeared to come from the authorities. They achieve this by using official police and/or government insignia in the messages.

Ransomware messages typically demand that the recipient pay a fine of 100–150 euros to have their computer unlocked. This method was first discovered in Western Europe, but has since spread around the globe.

Examples of ransomware

What can I do?

The authorities do not lock computers, nor do they demand fines or other payments via online payment services. If the payment is made, the criminal will receive the money, but the computer will remain locked. Ransomware can be removed from a computer, but it requires some skill. Here is a link to updated removal instructions by F-Secure.

If you cannot follow the instructions, please contact a professional for assistance.